Victoria Fifield is originally from the north east of Scotland, but is currently based in London. Her diverse career has spanned several fields including working as a violinist, artist, designer and educator. In 2015 she spent a year living and working in the West Bank – a life changing experience and one which sparked her interest in conflict, humanitarian issues and anthropology. In response, she published a book and created an exhibition of mixed media art entitled Pieces From A Broken Land, using her creative skills to explore many unresolved issues from the contentious region. She also recently completed an MA in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding at the University of Winchester, graduating with Distinction.

As something of a nomad by choice, Victoria has a longstanding interest in nomadic, semi-nomadic and/or stateless people and the related psychological and cultural effects. As part of her final MA project, Victoria travelled to the Negev desert in southern Israel to work with the formerly nomadic Bedouins of Rahat. Her work explored the complex and rapid transition the community is undergoing as they adapt to settled life in a modern, political state. During this trip, she also developed a deep interest in the many ‘unrecognised’ Bedouin villages, which exist without basic infrastructure and, due to a lack of official state recognition, are at constant risk of demolition. Victoria has also spent time working with several of Scotland’s Roma communities in Aberdeen and Glasgow. The Bedouin and Roma communities’ experiences are reflected in her artwork submission.