Drawing on examples from the exhibition, this learning pack examines five key ways that anthropologists are using illustration:

  • to communicate about difficult subjects,
  • to tell stories,
  • to make field notes,
  • to collaborate with research participants,
  • and to present information.

The pack also includes a list of open access resources, a glossary to help those less familiar with anthropology understand the material, and various practical and discussion activities that can be undertaken in and outside of the classroom.

If you are inspired by the activities to create your own anthropological illustration, we encourage you to share your work with us either via the hashtag #illustratinganthropology on Instagram, or by emailing publicanthropologists@gmail.com. We will feature work on the blog on a rolling basis.

Click below to download the pdf, and feel free to share with your students and networks!

“A vision for collaborative anthropology” – illustration by Laura Haapio-Kirk.