This is an online exhibition exploring human lives around the world through comics, drawings, and paintings of anthropological research.

From those who use illustration as a fieldwork method, to others who partner with artists and research participants to tell stories, this exhibition draws together a wide range of ways that contemporary anthropologists are illustrating anthropology.

Click on an image to see more and read about the research behind the artwork. You can also follow the project on Instagram: @Illustrating_Anthropology.

Charlie Rumsby
Olivia Howland

Kate Osmond
Jill Gibbon
Anna Portisch
Annelieke Driessen
Casandra Sabag
Raymond Lucas
Anna Pozzali

Xinyuan Wang

Alejandro Valencia-Tobon
Maruška Svašek
Shawn Forde
Sarah Bittel
Victoria Fifield
Mette Lind Kusk
Laura Bergin
Nicole Au-Yeung
Nora Wuttke
Maxime Le Calvé
Carol Hendrickson
Anna Passlick
Mayanka Mukherji
Gemma Sou
Lucy Hunt
Wenrui Li
Jacek Wajszczak
Katie Glaskin
Pelagie Couroyer
Anne Klippel
Andrea Ford
Orly Orbach
Daniel Locke
Thayanne Tavares Freitas
Pradeepa Sivasanthiran
The Open Anthropology Lab
Shelly Errington
Joy Hendry

Camilla Morelli
Julie Reintjes
Juliane Choquette-Lelarge
Marcello Francioni
Alessandro Corso
Kyra Sacks
Kaitlin Banfill
Chris Schimkowsky
Emily Thiessen
Hrag Papazian
Tom Crowley
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos
Nayanika Mookherjee
Letizia Bonanno
Natalia Nowińska-Antoniewicz
Cecilia Alda Vidal
Chitra Venkataramani
Tahnee Juguin

Savina Levi Fragliasso
José Sherwood González
Laura Haapio-Kirk
Jennifer Cearns
Emily Anne Williamson